How is the Installation Tips?

2013-1-7 14:10:24

In the case of front cartridges for MacPherson struts, special tools are required. Unless you've got both the tools and the skill, you may be better off  having  struts installed by a pro. Rear shocks are easier for the backyard mechanic to replace using  jack stands, and a few common tools. This is assuming rust and corrosion have not taken their toll. Use a liberal amount of your favorite penetrating oil . On re-assembly, anti-seize compound will help keep these bolts free from corrosion.

Here‘s a quick recap of key things to look for if you wondering if the shocks and struts on your Volvo are in need of replacement. ..

· A bouncy uncontrolled  ride, especially on rough roads

· Your car bobbing like a porpoise after encountering a speed bump or dip in the road

· Excessive body lean or sway when cornering or driving in heavy crosswinds

· Nose dive when braking

· Tail squat when accelerating

· Bottoming out the suspension on moderate bumps

· Cupped wear on the tires

· Noise or poor steering return when turning (front struts)

· Wheel hop when braking on rough roads

· Frequent activation of the ABS system when braking on rough roads

A car's shocks and struts have a tremendous impact on its ride and handling. Replacing the shocks and struts is a routine part of maintenance, though it isn't done as often as something like an oil change. There is no set time to replace shocks and struts, and deciding when to replace them is a based on how they feel on the road, as well as how many miles are on them.