How to Compare Shock Absorbers

2013-1-8 15:51:53

Shock absorbers are what give vehicles a smooth ride with minimal bumpiness. The shock absorbers on a vehicle are subject to wear and tear, so after time they can become ineffective and may need to be replaced.
Load Support

Shock absorbers support a variety of load weights. According to Hydraulics and Pneumatics, the most critical step in comparing shock absorbers is to determine what types of loads the shocks will need to support. For example, large trucks used to tote heavy loads will result in the need for more durable shock absorption.


Shock absorbers are available in fixed or adjustable types. Fixed shocks are more conducive for supporting heavy loads, as they are more durable and result in fewer vibrations. Adjustable shocks mean that the shock support can be changed by the turn of a dial or button setting. Setting adjustable shocks on a low level is effective for lightweight loads.


Consumers in the market for shock absorbers should set a budget and shop around to compare prices. Budgeting helps people narrow down the selection to products that are within their price range.